Surveying & Mapping

CP Survey & Mapping

Nexus Integrity Management, LLC not only has the ability to maintain client assets with seamless cathodic protection installations, but has the capability to conduct many cathodic protection surveys as well as over-the-top asset mapping simultaneously. Nexus’ unique ability to maximize this service saves clients time and money in the long-run when compared to normal operating procedures. Nexus puts to work some of the industry’s leading cathodic protection equipment and mapping software. After successfully conducting a cathodic protection survey and the asset is accurately mapped, Nexus thoroughly looks at the data and if requested by the client, proposes recommendations as well as a plan of action to correct any inadequacies with the asset.

CP Survey & Asset Mapping

Leak Detection

Nexus Integrity Management, LLC combustible gas leak detection surveys are completed by using state-of-the-art flame ionization and hydrocarbon leak detection equipment. Nexus’ professional technicians have certification and training for leak detection surveys in both urban and rural areas. Nexus has the ability to conduct leak detection surveys on all classifications of buried pipelines. These pipelines transport hydrocarbons such as natural gas, propane, ethane, propylene, acetylene, LPG, or liquids that gasify as soon as in the atmosphere, such as ammonia and hydrogen. Nexus follows strict procedures when conducting leak detection surveys. These procedures involve the technicians electronically locating every pipeline, wherever necessary, to ensure the leak detection survey is accurately conducted over-the-top of the pipeline; consequently detecting all potential leaks.

Scheduled leak detection surveys of gas transmission lines are the best method of protecting the lives of people who live and work near them. For that reason, the DOT included several regulations that call for intermittent surveys depending on area population and the content of the transmission line.

DOT Classifications