Cathodic Protection

Design, installation & maintenance of effective
anti-corrosion solutions.

Pipeline Maintenance

Offering a wide range of ROW and pipeline integrity maintenance services.

Surveying & Mapping

Cathodic protection surveys, leak detection and over-the-top asset mapping.

Damage Prevention

The most precise utility marking and damage prevention possible.

Compliance & Consulting

Providing assistance in DOT, Railroad Commission and State audits.

Products & Materials

Custom-built products using industry leading materials.

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About Us

Nexus Integrity Management is a turnkey provider of technical, material, and construction services for cathodic protection and pipeline integrity solutions. Services include groundbed design, installation, repair, and pipeline monitoring. Nexus offers engineering solutions and field surveys for pipeline integrity under all forms of ECDA (External Corrosion Direct Assessment). Nexus provides service to pipeline companies & refineries with assets both onshore and offshore.

Nexus delivers a service where quality of work coupled with on-job efficiency is the highest priority. Nexus has assembled a team with extensive customer relationships and extensive experience in the pipeline service industry. Nexus’ field operations are extremely mobile and provide Nexus the capability of completing work on a customer’s timeline need basis.

Nexus is able to offer clients the most advanced and efficient long-term results for any cathodic protection requirements. Utilizing vast industry experience, Nexus can accomplish this through assurance of rigorous engineering and design techniques, progressive research, and accurate application of a broad range of products and services directed at maintaining piping, equipment, and infrastructure in various industries and environments throughout the country.


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